We can only assess an application if it is complete. A complete application consists of a fully completed digital application form including all necessary attachments (preferably in PDF where possible).

We would like to see the following items briefly and concisely included in the project plan:

  • Description of the plan
  • Reason for the project
  • Purpose of the project
  • Expected results
  • Target audience
  • Collaboration partners
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the project

In the application form you also indicate the start and end dates of the project, how many visitors and/or participants you expect and how many volunteers will be committed to the project.

A budget must provide insight into all estimated costs of the project (quantities, prices, costs per hour). Please provide a coverage plan as well (what other funders do you have and how much will they provide).

Explain in one page the goals and mission of your organization and how you try to achieve these.

New applicant:

Press the Application form button, you will be taken directly to the digital application form. Create a login. You can then complete the digital form. Always save the changes so you can continue working later if necessary. Only after clicking the send button is the application actually submitted. You will then immediately receive a confirmation (check the spam box).

If you are already familiar with the system, you will go to your own page and you can start a new application.