Wanneer kunt u een aanvraag indienen voor een uitkering voor een project dat plaatsvindt in Den Haag?

Application - The Hague

For the Hague benefits, the Foundation’s attention is focused on organizations and projects in The Hague that are committed to social and economic justice.

The Foundation focuses on non-profit organizations that work on social cohesion and solidarity in the city, create opportunities for people in social and/or financial problems and support them to further develop towards (economic) independence.

The Levi Lassen Foundation strives to strengthen inspiring and well-functioning organizations and support promising initiatives.

General projects in the field of Art and Culture only have a chance if extra attention is given to involving specific target groups in the project.

Please read this page before submitting an application.

The deadline for the upcoming meeting is July 29, 2024. The form and application procedure will be offline until June 30 for new implementation.