The Foundation supports organizations in in 3 focus areas, The Hague, Jewish Netherlands and Israël. Below you can click on the button with the focus area that applies to your project.

For projects in The Hague the Foundation focusses on organizations and projects in The Hague that are committed to social and economical justice.

The Foundation focuses on non-profit organizations that work on social cohesion and solidarity in the city, creates opportunities for people in social and/or financial problems and supports them to further develop towards (economic) independence.

The Foundation supports the Jewish community in The Netherlands with several projects. Projects against antisemitisme can also be submitted to the Foundation.

Click below for the full policy.

In Israel we support organisations that advance Ethiopian-Israeli women and men (ages 15-30), or specific projects that advance Ethiopian women and men (ages 15-30). The Levi Lassen Foundation also supports NGOs in Israel with a Dutch affiliation, with a strong emphasis on organizations that assist and care for elderly immigrants from The Netherlands.