The Levi Lassen Foundation was founded in 1957. Below you can read briefly more about the history of the Foundation.

About the Levi Lassen Foundation

The Levi Lassen Foundation was founded in 1957 by Mr. Jacob Levi, a German entrepreneur of origin. After Mr. Levi came to work in the fabric trade in the Netherlands, he opened his first fashion store in The Hague “Maison de Nouveaut√©s” a few years later. Other stores followed in other cities and a small fashion empire was created.

After the First World War, Mr. Levi became Dutch and changed his name to Jacques Levi Lassen.

At the start of the Second World War, Mr. Lassen left for New York, at the strong insistence of his employees. He spent the war years there.

After the war, Mr. Lassen returned to the Netherlands and took over the management of his concern again. He was also involved in the redevelopment of the Spui-Gedempte Gracht area, part of the old Jewish neighborhood in The Hague. In memory of the former residents of this neighborhood, he wanted to restore that neighborhood to its former glory.

In 1957, Mr. Lassen founded the Levi Lassen Foundation, to which he left his entire fortune through his will. This capital still yields and therefore provides the basis for making subsidies.